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5 outstanding technologies of 2020

This year technology played a relevant role in everyone's life ... We share the most remarkable of 2020!

1. Hyperautomation

Hyper-automation deals with the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to increasingly automate processes.

2. Distributed cloud

The distributed cloud allows data centers to be located anywhere. This solves both technical problems such as latency as well as regulatory challenges such as data sovereignty. It also offers the benefits of a public cloud service along with the benefits of a private local cloud.

3. AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all its fields and subsets, from Machine Learning to Deep Learning, and with all its applications, is one of the technological trends with the greatest future projection at a global level.

4. Multi-experience

Multi-experience replaces tech-savvy people with people-savvy technology. In this trend, the traditional idea of ​​a computer evolves from a single point of interaction to include multi-sensory and multi-touch interfaces such as wearables and advanced computing sensors.

5. BlockChain

Blockchain is, to define it simply, a huge ledger where all transaction records are encrypted and secured. A huge database not centralized but distributed, which offers transparency to all participants in the transaction.

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