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A year full of challenges! We share our 12 best highlights of 2020

2020 was an unprecedented year, that is why we look at our journey and remember our achievements

1. In January we start the year with a pizza with all the makers to give the annual kick off

2. Everyone at home! All the makers in homeoffice

3. First All Maker Meeting online. For the first time in history, all the makers got together in a big meeting.

4. Go dance! We celebrate our cultural diversity with recipes and dances from the maker countries

5. First makers hired in Colombia, Costa Rica, and the United States!

6.We did more than 12 online distension meetings

7. In Q4 we achieved more than 76% success rate in the news business

8.We held 4 webinars and 2 workshops, the first in the history of IMAGEMAKER

9. Extra extra! We go out in the press

10. We have 10 new clients!

11. We organize the first Imagemaker International Fortnite tournament

12. We are already more than 300 makers!

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