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Alann Reyes: Learn about the history of the pioneer Maker in the globalization of the company

Imagemaker currently has operations in America and Europe, provides services to more than 10 countries, works with leading clients in their industries, and is undergoing a strong internationalization process, but how did the company's globalization story begin?

We began to review the history and we reached a milestone that definitely marked the beginning of Imagemaker international in which Alann Reyes, Software Developer, was key to starting a new era in the company.

It all started in 2018 when Lionel Olavarría and Francisco Schmidt traveled to a technology fair in the United States where they learned about the WalkMe solution, a digital adoption tool in which they saw a lot of potentials, so for their return to Chile they already had a plan in hand.

An Imagemaker application process began where developers were invited to participate in training on this new tool, without really knowing what the idea behind it was. And it is that one of Imagemaker's large banking clients was implementing an internal platform that involved transversal and vital processes for its collaborators, so they had the challenge of reducing the complexity of use and improving the learning curve, which is where Imagemaker could contribute.

Alann Reyes was one of the Makers who applied and was immediately selected “Everything was very fast. I remember that I met with Francisco and that same day in the afternoon they called me to let me know that I was going to go to New York to get certified, I didn't even have a suitcase,” he commented. During his trip to the United States, he was able to visit the Walkme facilities on the fifth avenue and get to know Brooklyn. "It was definitely a great experience, the design of the city is a fascinating thing," he added.

With knowledge in hand, Alann took on the challenge of implementing this tool in the bank's largest Latin American headquarters located in Sao Paulo. This is how the company explored foreign markets for the first time by sending talent in person, so everyone was very Keep an eye on how the project was going.

For two years, Alann traveled to Brazil to lead different WalkMe implementation projects that had a great impact and good reception from the client.

Regarding his experience, Alann shared: “It was a unique experience in that sense and personally very enriching. I was looking to be part of this change that technology was generating in society and this initiative called my concern, looking for new technologies, in new markets and aligned with my ambitions. It was interesting, working in foreign markets is different, from the form of work to life itself”

This is how Alann Reyes will always be part of Imagemaker's history as one of the protagonists of the company's globalization, a process through which he also managed to develop as a person and professional.

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