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Beyond the numbers: The human factor in digitizing finance

Contrary to what many may believe, corporate finance is closer and more humane than it is expected to be. But this reality is increasingly present when we talk about financial digitization.

Marcela Nannig, Chief Financial Officer of Imagemaker, knows this well, who before occupying that role, led the People & Culture area for years. She points out that to achieve this step, there must be a change of mindset throughout the company that contemplates that finances are something transversal to the entire company, and not only because it is from where the money is handled, but because the area works as a repertoire that reaches each action that the collaborators carry out.

It is precisely this last point that stands out the most when thinking about the digitization of finances since according to Marcela, there are three main reasons why to choose transformation in this area:

1.Decrease in human error: By having automated information, from the input of it by employees and leaders to the final closing analysis, the risk of making mistakes is considerably reduced.

2.Online information: By having real-time and integrated updates, it allows you to observe better results that allow better financial health.

3.Collaborative work: Corporate finances are like those at home. It must be flexible in the face of changes and in turn have a healthy structure that can withstand unexpected circumstances. Everything a family member does has repercussions. There must also be a leadership that sets the example and transmits the importance of being orderly, said Marcela.

This is how the vision that numbers are cold and far from people deteriorates when confirming that cross-sectional and teamwork is necessary to be able to adapt digitally and get the best results from it.

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