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Boosting sales with native eCommerce


Strengthen the supermarket's eCommerce platform aiming to improve the customer experience and conversion.


The client is a supermarket holding company that turned to Imagemaker to create the eCommerce channel on the web for one of the most important chains in its business. To achieve this, Imagemaker initially developed the integration of the Vtex platform on the site, however, thanks to the expertise of the talent trained in the first Vtex academy in Latin America, opportunities for improvement were identified, so progress was made in a hybrid project that considered both native components of the platform and the development of custom ones based on the client's needs.

In the second phase and with a view to improving the performance of the site, the Makers team led the architecture of a new site, formed cells for navigation, checkout, payment methods, self-services for customer retention, developing 100% in 8 months. of components in Net.js and React.js, allowing the freedom for the Headless site to migrate to any payment platform in the future.

In this regard, the client's Technical Lead commented:

“We have a lot to thank Imagemaker for. If I had to describe your service it would be with the word “Excellence”. First of all because of their great technical level that makes onboardings very fluid, and also because they are proactive when it comes to making things happen and helping us to overcome challenges. Its collaborators have contributed to project planning, and problem-solving, they are always available and help improve communication between different Stakeholders. Secondly, I highlight the closeness, the philosophy of the Makers, from day 1 They have shown to be very close people. They have definitely been a strategic ally in this project.”

Thanks to the results, the client contracted the services to develop from scratch the eCommerce site of its wholesale supermarket focused on B2B.


  • Increased company sales

  • Creation of the first portal for two of the holding's large supermarkets

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