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Message queues: the best ally for your projects

Currently, the increase in digital businesses has highlighted the need for companies to acquire tools that allow their correct operation taking into account the demands of customers.

One of the main technologies most adapted in recent times for this objective is Cloud services, with Message Queues being an important ally. These allow correct communication and coordination between the applications distributed in the cloud. The way they work is based on how each message sent by the consumer is processed only once.

Yessica García, Software Developer, tells us how message queues can be indispensable in massive projects:

1. More reliability

Being a highly available system, that is, that its operation is always at 100%, it makes the data reliable. Also, by separating the components, the level of fault tolerance is increased and reduced to the maximum avoiding that the parts of the system become disconnected.

2. Increase performance

Message queues allow time-delayed communication, that is, messages interact with the queue, not with each other. This is how no component of the system is waiting for another, which optimizes the massive flow of data.

3. Better scalability

When there is an accumulation of workloads, the message queues take care of adding requests without risk of friction between them. As these become longer and longer they can be distributed among development groups. Queues sell, increase or decrease according to demand.

For Yessica “the increase in demand in eCommerce requires a tangible need to process information quickly and efficiently. Technology must allow businesses to keep up with their customers and not the other way around. We must create ever-better experiences and message queues add tremendously to this point. "

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