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Creativity maker is recognized by client

Once again, the Maker´s talent stands out in the delivery of service to our clients. On this occasion, 3 teams were recognized for their creativity in an entertaining activity carried out by Scotiabank.

The bank held the Scrum Team Awards, an initiative in which 18 teams participated that sought to reward the most creative logo and name for the work cells.

In a synchronization ceremony in which each team presented their proposal, a live vote was held in which "A Todo DAL", the team made up of Miguel Fuenzalida, Camilo Guerrero, Luis Ribeiro, Rodolfo Figueroa, Ignacio Beltrán, Jorge Sáez and Alejandro Martínez, won the Best Name category, which in this case refers to the technology they develop - Data Access Leyer (DAL).

In this regard, Camilo Guerrero, QA Automatizer, commented “The issue of being remote affects the spirit and the unity of the team, all these retrospective issues serve a lot to demonstrate that good attitude that work has, not only with results. Make it more personal. The name is used a lot to lift the spirits of the team. Makers are people who want to share, I feel that at Imagemaker we share the same values, so representing the family always makes us want to do it well. "

The position for the best logo was fought between "Los Magios,· composed of Angielo Palavecino, Susana Bretti, Rafael Sandoval, Marcelo Rojasm Ronald Morales and César Lizana, and "Los Develorians" represented by Esteban Musso, Harold Pooley, Ibrahim Molero, José Escorche, Cristhian Carrasco , Sebastián Molina, Yxzandra Cordero and Pedro Seriego.

Los Magios, winners of the contest, looked to the Freemasons of The Simpsons for inspiration. With this in mind, they defined their shield thinking about the tools they work with, in this case, a Mac computer, leaving the Command symbol as a shield:

Thus, Angielo Palavecino, Scrum Master, indicated that “This type of activity encourages the unity of the team, makes the stay more enjoyable, makes them more committed and feels more their own to the team. Achieving an agile goal of being a single team. They are creative names but they speak of group identity. Each maker fulfills his function and contributes a fundamental grain that makes the difference in the equipment. "

By a few points, in second place were Los Develorians, a team made up of Esteban Musso, Harold Pooley, Ibrahim Molero, José Escorche, Cristhian Carrasco, Sebastian Molina, Yxzandra Cordero, and Pedro Seriego, whose name was inspired by the famous series The Mandalorian and was combined with the word Developers.

With this name defined, they entered into an entertaining creation process together with a designer from the bank in which ideas were reiterated until reaching the final result:

Esteban Musso, Scrum Master, shared: “These activities motivate and refresh the work environment. They encourage healthy competitions that encourage cohesion in the team and are quite productive. We have positioned ourselves quite well from the point of view of generating value for the business that is then passed on to the client. The maker's cells have the best places of delivery and creativity, we are always adding value. Makers are very willing to help, commit and take on tasks that are not part of the job description but if they commit and generate these things that deliver additional value "

Having a good time at work has become an emblem at Imagemaker and we are happy to know that our makers also have fun and exploit their creativity when they provide the Agile Team as a Service that we deliver to our clients.

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