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Discover the transformation of the financial future! What we learned at CAMP 2023

On March 16 and 17, the 13th edition of the Congress on Access to Financial Services and Means of Payment in Colombia was held, the most important forum for innovation and digital transformation of the financial sector in the region, where, of course, we were present.

The main objective of the event is to convene different actors from the ecosystem, both the fintech industry in Latam and the financial sector and regulators to generate a scenario for discussion and analysis of the new trends in the financial industry in the offer of financial products and services and the means of payment.

On this occasion, the discussion revolved mainly around the strategy of the country and the sector, to specify Digitalization and financial inclusion. As well as the challenges and opportunities presented by the new Payments ecosystem. Both topics were addressed from the point of view of the social impact that they generate and the opportunity to generate new sustainable and profitable business models.

In this regard, Pablo Frindt, Banking Business Account Expert, commented: “Beyond the excellent quality of the presentations and the relevance of the topics; Participating directly in the discussions and internalizing the government strategy -and that of leading companies in the sector- that will accelerate the digital transformation and innovation in the country, is one of the many factors that allow us as a technology consulting company to provide the best support and advice to our clients in Colombia and in the region”.

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