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English courses end the year with a networking day

The English classes led by Vivian Márquez are one of the instances most valued by the Makers and have impacted more than 30 collaborators in 2022, who have managed to improve their level of language proficiency thanks to these dynamic weekly meetings.

In the middle of this year, a modification was made to the program with the aim of giving it greater continuity and structure. As a result of this, during September and December, many Makers took a test and received a certificate that shows the progress of their learning.

To celebrate these milestones, a meeting was organized in which Laura Leyva, Weber Jiménez, and Angie Agudelo were recognized for their commitment to the program, as well as Karol Pérez, Antonio Villalobos, and Luis Ramos for their motivation throughout the school year. Also. Rosa Mendoza, Felipe Maldonado, and Gerardo Alonso stood out for their effort and dedication.

Karol Páez: I took English classes to be able to learn and reinforce my knowledge, when the first class began I was surprised to realize that Vivi (the program's Coach) did not speak Spanish and everyone responded without problems to her conversation in English, I wanted to die thinking that they would ask me something and I would not have the ability to communicate. When the first class ended, I just wanted the second class to come to continue conversing (or trying) in English. Later I realized that the shame disappeared, I broke that dreaded barrier of starting a conversation, I increased my vocabulary in English and all thanks to the program that Vivi carries out. This for me is a great achievement and a professional star. I hope soon to be able to start the next level and continue growing”.

Felipe Maldonado: “Personally, I think it is a great professional contribution to my career since it allows me to communicate more confidently in situations in which I have to rely on English. In addition, the format is interactive which makes it even more motivating and allows me to practice my English in situations more similar to reality.”

Vivian Márquez “I think the most significant contribution of the classes is to give the Makers a space to put their skills into practice. Usually, communicative instances are hard to find and here at Imagemaker we have them, this gives Makers not only the experience of learning English but also helps them gain confidence and self-assurance in that aspect. We all know that learning English allows us to grow personally and professionally, it gives us a unique advantage, which is why the Makers have been so committed and enthusiastic about participating in these valuable instances.”

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