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Gamer skills that stand out in the workplace

All those hours in front of the screen playing video games have not been in vain and it is that some of the skills developed by gamers have become the most requested by companies today.

In another of our posts on soft skills, we mentioned that technology not only has a digital dimension, which is why recruiters are increasingly looking for profiles with these characteristics.

We share some soft skills that are encouraged when playing video games:

1. Teamwork

Multiple games have the option of playing co-op games, for example, EA's It Takes Two, where they must be able to coordinate to achieve a common goal.

2. Leadership

In line with the previous point, always when playing as a team, the strengths of its members stand out and a personality that manages them in the best way to achieve a strategy that leads them to victory. One of the games that shows this ability is World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment.

3. Problem resolution

On many occasions, video games face players in situations where they must solve puzzles, strategies or even manage resources in the most efficient way possible, as in Age of Empires by Ensemble Studios, which stimulates empowerment and determination in decision-making and resolution. problems using creativity.

4. Mental agility

Many games are known for having to solve situations, adapt to fast paces, high difficulty platforms and challenging dungeons such as Hades from Supergiant Games. That is why exercising mental agility through gaming is an advantage of being a gamer.

These and other skills are some of the most demanded by companies and the most difficult to achieve and perfect. Without a doubt, it is a great advantage that video games provide to their players and that they are very helpful when it comes to putting them into practice in the workplace.

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