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Get to know the new Imagemaker Management Control area

Imagemaker's growth continues to expand and a reflection of this is the creation of the Management Control area led by Benjamín Villanueva, Business Intelligence Lead, with the aim of building the foundations for Imagemaker to be a Data-Driven company.

Valentín Romero, Analyst (left), and Benjamín Villanueva, Business Intelligence Lead (right).

Thinking about the exponential growth and the increase in information that this entails, the area will be in charge of selecting and processing it to generate analysis and conclusions that contribute to strategic decision-making in Imagemaker, improving and automating operational activities that will also reduce costs. and generate more sales.

The creation of this area also reflected professional growth for Benjamín who previously worked as an Analyst in commercial management supporting the international team, however, he currently has his own work team.

In this regard, Benjamin commented: "I feel proud of the path we are taking as an organization since it will allow us to make decisions based on data and confirm transparency for the entire organization as a vital aspect for Imagemaker. Since I was offered the challenge of leading the area as of October of this year and the focus that is sought to be given to the area, I have no doubt that Imagemaker is the best place to grow without limits."

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