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Going Global!: Welcome Christian Cooper, new Director of International Operations

As part of our company's growth strategy, on October 1st, we welcomed Christian Cooper, International Operations Director, whose main goal will be to integrate all Imagemaker operations, both in Chile and abroad.

Christian is 42 years old, he is from Viña del Mar, Chile, and father of 5 children. In his spare time he likes to compose music, play sports and enjoy a good barbecue with family and friends.

This engineer had previously advised Imagemaker projects and now will fully integrate our team to contribute with his talents and vision.

His arrival opened a new area that seeks for operations abroad to integrate naturally and without friction with the business in Chile, supporting our teams in the United States, Colombia and Costa Rica, and creating the conditions to deliver our customers an extraordinary experience.

Our goal is to deliver our unique Imagemaker Framework for Customer Success consistently in all markets. Thus, build strong foundations so that Imagemaker's value proposition continues to drive growth and generate value through innovative products and services.

We also appreciate the tremendous work that the international team has developed and we are sure that with this new addition they will achieve great success.

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