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Hello Colombia!: We begin operations in the Caribbean country

With more than 20 years of experience in Chile, we reached the Colombian market betting on national talent to expand our borders.

Throughout our trajectory, we have been a benchmark in the field on Chilean soil with a portfolio of clients that lead the industries. As a result of this success, it is that two years ago we began the globalization process towards the United States, Costa Rica and we continue to conquer other territories, including Colombia.

The Caribbean country is a relevant actor in Latin America with strong dynamism in the service industry that has presented an average annual growth of 19% in the last 7 years. Also, IT investment budgets in companies are between 10% - 40% with respect to total investment plans, which makes it very attractive for foreign companies.

Thus, the leaders project that the operations in Colombia represent 5% of the profits in the first quarter of this year. To achieve the goal, there is already a team of more than 30 makers in that territory that provide services nationwide and to clients located in other countries.

In this regard, Francisco Schmidt, Chief Revenue Officer, commented: “We think that Colombia is going to be a neuralgic region in Imagemaker's strategy, an important hinge due to its privileged position to provide services for the quality of its collaborators. At this time it is key for the development of digital products, in Colombia, we already started with our first client and we also started to deliver the service to other countries where we have operations. "

One of the keys to success has been a strategy focused on makers that are reflected in the powerful corporate culture in which each of our collaborators identifies as a maker and they are the center of a virtuous circle in which the prioritization of their Satisfaction and training, translates into excellent service for customers and in turn in a positive financial balance.

Jairo Boada, Software Developer and first maker in Colombia highlighted: “Very positive things are coming for the company here in Colombia, it has adapted very well to the market and I feel that Imagemaker has an additional plus due to Experience, Clients, and Methodology. In short, it has everything it takes to continue growing not only locally but in many parts of the world. "

This way of working has allowed us to forge pillars to succeed in a new reality embodied in change, which is based on solid makers, fully complying with the budget. Thus, despite the different contingencies, it is estimated that we will double the size of Imagemaker by 2021, with the United States being one of the main focuses and Colombia an important basis for success.

With this new work mindset and a high-level team, we promise to deliver high-impact solutions and create “digital magic” for clients. This is how we have made our way as one of the industry leaders and we will continue to expand services throughout the continent and deliver value to our clients.

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