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Hello USA!: Imagemaker's new tech development hub

With more than 20 years of experience in Chile, the technology company Imagemaker reaches the US market to offer technology development services to fill the technical talent gaps we are facing.

During the last 2 years, Imagemaker has expanded its operations to Colombia and Costa Rica, creating two important work centers with an excellent quality of technical talent to serve North America. Imagemaker is doing business in Canada and now the United States.

The Chilean company Imagemaker arrives in America with a powerful nearshoring proposal. In addition to the advantages of having bi-lingual developers, it is also a luxury to many clients that we operate in the same time zone as the East coast of the United States. Our excellent talent promises to incorporate teams that fulfill their regular functions and focus on the business objectives of our clients.

Every employee at Imagemaker is known as a “Maker,” and our company is composed of more than 350 highly technical Makers! We seek to be business partners and are excited to provide excellent service with a high level of trust to our customers.

With over 3000 completed projects and high-level teams, Imagemaker promises to deliver high-impact solutions and create incredible digital experiences for our clients. This is how Imagemaker, a Chilean company has made its way as one of the industry favorites and will continue to expand its services throughout the continent and deliver value to businesses.

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