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How to strengthen digital business remotely

Due to the new world scenario, the need for digital adoption accelerated, putting companies in check, and driving their transformation process. Although tremendous progress was made in this area, there is still much to cover in this area, especially in Latin America.

This benefited the increasingly growing technology companies that with their services supported this transition and contributed even more to innovations, but without a doubt, the way in which they are sold also changed, since the commercial meetings as we knew them had to be adjusted to the new social distancing measures.

Jocelyn Alday, Key Account Manager at Imagemaker, tells us how the way of connecting with potential and current clients has changed, as well as giving some tips to strengthen existing relationships and how to open the way to future ones:

1. Empathic First Point of Contact: There are many people and businesses that have experienced difficult things in recent years. Although our goal is to sell, we must understand that behind every business there are human beings. It is necessary to empathize with their needs, pains and also understand their projects in order to have the ability to adapt the value proposition to them.

2. Know the business: To attend a meeting it is essential to do a preliminary investigation of the business to which you offer the services. Who are the leaders, what have been their latest projects, recent news, among other things that can help give an idea of ​​what you can offer to make a difference.

3. Respect the process: We see that today sometimes things are wanted immediately, but in the sales area it is important to respect all the stages because each one enriches the agreement that is finally reached.

4. Know well what you are selling: The technology sector has many technicalities and each company has nuances that make it unique. In addition to being a good communicator, you must understand the business in its entirety and come up with a personalized offer, which will help to gain customer trust.

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