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Imagemaker celebrates a successful end of the year 2022 focused on Makers

At Imagemaker we close the year full of good news and we want to share the milestones that together with all the Makers have filled us with success and joy.

1. We open offices in Colombia

We opened offices in Bogotá and Medellín together with the WeWork facilities so that everyone has a comfortable workspace when they need it.

2. Hello UK

We begin 2022 by welcoming the countries in which we are present to the United Kingdom. Diego Echeverría was the Maker in charge of opening the market.

3. We resume our face-to-face meetings!

We continue to take care of ourselves but with the joy of meeting again. During 2022 we were able to hold several meetings in the offices in Colombia and Chile, in addition to celebrating the end-of-the-year holidays together again.

4. We continue to grow internally

In addition to welcoming new Makers, the Strategy & Planning areas were created with the aim of giving focus to the company's actions and strategies, and Management Control with a view to being a Data-Driven Company.

5. We said we were present at the most important events

Our teams participated in the most important technological and agile events in the region. We started with the Mobile World Congress in Madrid, to later went to Scrum Day Medellín where Mauricio Morales gave a successful and applauded talk. We also closed the year by attending the Web Summit in Portugal.

6. Welcome new customers!

We continue to impact the market with our services, this year we welcomed Sovos, Metlife in Chile, Scotiabank CAM, BAC, and Bancolombia-Wompi in Colombia, Central America, and the Caribbean. We also host Turtle in Europe as well as Rooms to Go and Trellence in the USA.

7. Lots of learning

With more than 1,382 hours of classes on online platforms and more than 70 trained in key technologies, this year we added exclusive English classes to the training of collaborators, which improved the language proficiency level of more than 30 Makers.

8. Lots of growth stories

The passion, nobility, self-improvement, and talent of the Makers have led them to develop and grow within the company, such as in the case of Gerardo, Benjamín, Javier, and Elena.

9. Ale joins the People team

Marking a milestone as it is the first time that the People area is led by a Maker outside of Chile, she reached management to promote the strategy focused on Makers.

10. Thousand recognitions

The recognition was throughout the year and it is that in addition to biweekly congratulating the outstanding teams, starting a Kudos pilot plan, and awarding prizes to the participants of the different programs that are part of the company's growth collaborators, We ended 2022 with the Maker Awards, which recognized Makers in Colombia for the first time and doubled the number of winners, as well as delivering the Maker of the Year to Mauricio Morales.

11. Communities to interact and learn

We started the agility community that brings knowledge of all the Makers and has achieved participation records, even offering a talk at the central office to all collaborators. The gamer community also joined forces and has held entertaining meetings.

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