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Imagemaker is recognized among Banco Santander’s best providers

In the XXI award that Banco Santander recognizes its best suppliers, Imagemaker stood out for the collaboration, support, and constant commitment to his teammates.

The ceremony was held remotely and awarded 18 outstanding companies in the dimensions of service quality, process fluidity, SLA's, innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. In addition, the award becomes more relevant when considering that each of the recognized companies maintained their quality standards in the face of a health crisis.

In this regard, Sergio Ávila, Manager of the Administration Division of Banco Santander, commented: “Suppliers play a fundamental role so that the bank continues to function with the standard that its clients deserve thanks to their commitment, effort, and transparency in the face of changing scenarios, helping us to move towards better management. "

Likewise, Matías Clavería, Imagemaker Delivery Manager, who together with Manuel Aparicio, Delivery Manager, received the award commented: “Working with the Imagemaker Framework allows us to deliver an excellent service aligned to support the fulfillment of the client's business objectives, whose results are reflected in this recognition. Makers love what we do, we face technological challenges with motivation, enthusiasm, and, above all, fun. This is a recognition of the commitment and dedication that each one puts into it. It drives us to continue improving and to continue achieving our goals. "

We thank Banco Santander for standing out among the best suppliers in 2021 and we congratulate the 17 companies that were also recognized for their work.

Matías Clevería and Manuel Aparicio, Deliverys Managers.

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