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Imagemaker participates in an important Spanish investment event

On November 24, the 23rd version of the Latibex Forum was held, which brought together the main Latin American and Spanish companies with the aim of being a platform for the exchange of ideas and reflection on relevant issues for the financial and academic community.

On this occasion, Rodrigo Ruiz, CTO of Imagemaker, was part of the instance, which has established itself as the benchmark event for Latin American companies in Europe, by participating as a panelist and representative of the only Chilean technology company at the meeting to talk on the rise of entrepreneurship in the region and the boom in digitization with Alfonso de León, CEO of Axon Partners and Carlos Ezquerro, CEO of Netex.

During the conversation, they discussed Imagemaker's experience in Latin America, and how its expansion to Europe was driven by the demand for local and offshore teams capable of supporting the digital transformation that accelerated the pandemic. Likewise, the cultural focus of the company was highlighted, in which solutions and organizational changes have been developed that allow a deeper understanding of the talent base, adding a human, aspirational, and even emotional dimension to the management of those expectations.

Regarding the company's participation in the event, Rodrigo Ruiz commented: “This event was an important showcase for Imagemaker's vision. We had the opportunity to hear from clients and other companies about market concerns and share our own. It helps us "Evolve to face changes", as one of our mantras says. "

Imagemaker has just opened operations in Spain as part of its expansion strategy to new markets, the results of which have allowed it to have a presence in Costa Rica, Colombia, and the United States in less than two years, and it will soon do so in the United Kingdom. The foregoing positions Latin American digital talent in the world through consulting services and first-rate technological development.

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