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Javier Romero, the promoter of "Makers" concept, assumes the management of the Communications & Mar

Javier Romero, Communications & Marketing Lead, has not only been a true witness to the transformation that Imagemaker has had in recent years, but has also been an important part of it.

The first contact was in 2013 when he supported the creative part by making a presentation and an animation video for a tender for one of the most important clients of the company, later in 2016, when he was finishing his diploma in Strategic Management of Internal Communication, turned to the company to carry out his final work, resulting in the much-loved concept of "Makers" that continues to this day and is a key element in the company's identity.

Thanks to this successful approach, two years later he joined the company to create the Internal Communications and Culture area from scratch, a period in which he managed to implement activities that have marked the history of Imagemaker such as the Day of Cultures, Learn & Beer and the organization of the party of 20 years, among others. Likewise, little by little, it led the company to adopt a new air, by restructuring the office according to the new agile mentality that came from the hand of Lionel Olavarría as CEO and implementing internal communications in-house for the first time.

Naturally, in 2020 a new challenge began when he led the creation of the communications area with the aim of positioning the company both internally and externally, for this he consolidated a team with whom he was in charge of aligning the corporate identity, being one of his biggest tasks. the change of image in 2021. During these years Imagemaker opened its corporate blog, has had a presence in international events, has appeared in global media such as Forbes, and has consolidated all its portals, among other achievements.

With the spirit of improvement, passion, and attention to detail that characterizes him, Javier assumed the management of the Communications & Marketing area at the end of 2022, with the great mission of promoting the Marketing of the company in a context in which Imagemaker It has expanded its business to 6 countries and seeks to position itself in each of them.

In this regard, Javier Romero commented: “When Imagemaker offered me the role of Internal Communications and Culture, I immediately wanted to join the challenge. At that time, Lionel told me that he wanted to change the way things were being done by applying agility in the different administration areas, in addition to making decisions with the collaborator in the center with the aim of creating a company where people she felt very comfortable working, cared for and valued, so I had no doubt that it was the place where I also wanted to be. By 2023, as a consolidated Communications and Marketing Management, the challenge of positioning that Maker culture that we and current clients live in new latitudes is coming, offering our technological expertise to highly developed and competitive markets, without a doubt this will be very entertaining and will bring growth for the company and the Makers as well.”

This growth case is a clear example of the Maker spirit and how Imagemaker is a space that allows professional development for those people who want to achieve great things and leave their mark.

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