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Know more about the Mentoring program that enhances the professional Makers growth

During the last quarter of 2021, the Imagemaker Mentor Program pilot was launched, which aims to bring the promise of excellence in talent and support the professional growth of each of the Makers to eventually rise to seniority or opt for new internal jobs.

To do this, this initiative seeks to personally guide each talent through a mentor to close the gap between what people should know and what they do know, through a personalized improvement plan that will be continuously monitored with the support of mentors. This program will be complemented by the Training Plan that seeks to technically train people, the Performance Evaluation, and Maker Path that promotes job projection within the company.

In this regard, Stephano Apiolaza, Mentor in this program, commented "This program motivates Makers to continue learning and generates a continuous feedback network where mentor and pupil strengthen their knowledge."

To achieve this, the use of Hugga has been key, a tool that through the use of people analytics provides a space of trust so that people can intuitively inform the company and their peers of their motivations, passions, and degree of knowledge of skills, with the aim of building comprehensive teams, enhancing loyalty and commitment in them.

Eduardo Díaz, apprentice in the Mentoring program, commented: “The initiative has helped me to create a guided learning path. What I liked the most is how one sees the evolution of learning and also how one associates the theoretical side with the practical side of the project "

Currently, the program is in a pilot stage in which 40 Makers participated specifically in the BackEnd profile, which is the bulk of Imagemaker, however, in 2022 it will be extended to all disciplines, starting in the next quarter with QA and FrontEnd.

This type of initiative seeks to promote Maker talent to fulfill the mission of being the most talented and enthusiastic team in the universe.

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