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The skills necessary to be an excellent Technical Lead

The software development industry has grown exponentially in recent years, along with this, the roles and specialties of talents have also been diversifying. Among the possible paths to training and climbing is leadership, an option that more and more people choose to develop professionally.

The role of Technical Leader has become essential when creating services and products since it is responsible for their quality. While it establishes a technical vision with the team, it is still tied to the code, requiring a balanced mix of tough and human skills to stand out.

Liliana Castellanos, Technical Lead at Imagemaker, tells us from her experience what elements make the difference when exercising this role.

1. Product vision

Let's start by getting off the chip "if it is not written, it is not done." We must bear in mind that user stories are a guide when developing, however, the strategic gaze of the Technical Leader must know how to see beyond, have a macro understanding of the headline but be deeper in the entire process and architecture of the product.

We often only think about the interface and forget about the process, about the need for the project to be a set of logical steps. Being able to understand and break down each element of a flow can give insight into where the product is going.

2. Assertive communication

The most important thing is to have the ability to convey the strategy to the team. But it is also key to be able to communicate the improvements, making them understand the benefit it could bring to the project, not just because.

Of course, at this point, you must have knowledge of design patterns, architecture, and code to be able to detect where the points to improve are. I always say to my team "A good code is a lean code" because that way we can all understand it since each and every one of us is important. In addition, we give continuity to development and avoid errors.

3. Delegation is the best ally

It is one of the practices that separate a boss from a leader. It is a challenging task since you must have the ability to detect the strengths in each of those who make up your team. To be able to work in a cohesive way there are three elements: first to work in an orderly and simple way so that everyone can understand the codes. Also, accompany them throughout the process, be present for them, be one of them. Last but not least is to have transparent information that allows you to be aligned.

For Liliana “When you share with the team and hierarchies are eliminated, loyalty increases. We are all one team, there are no divisions, just different tasks. "

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