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Maker Trust: How Leading with confidence impacts Teams and their performance

Written by: Mauricio Morales

Much is said about agility and the agile and helpful leaders that we should be, in this sense we can talk about what are the characteristics of the helpful leader who must be aware that we are navigating in very complex and ambiguous environments, but since the world events with the 2019 pandemic, we are living in even chaotic environments, where everything is uncertain and we can no longer plan as long as companies did in such a long term.

For this we must have the following characteristics: Adaptation, Unlearning in order to learn, navigate uncertainty, solve problems with creativity, always aim for value to the end customer, and constantly improve as a team and as leaders. We must also bear in mind that the leadership style must be that of a transformational leader who, above all else, inspires people.

One of the most important things that we must work on is Trust in all areas, where it has such an important role since it enables success in organizations, both in work teams, as well as in clients and in our brand of leadership that inspires organizations to have people confident enough to accomplish amazing things.

Here we show the factors that promote trust in people as something transversal within all organizational cultures, under a concept that we coined as "Maker Trust", which intervenes with specific behaviors of the people of the company that make the difference transversal to the company. time to plant ourselves as a company before the market:

Maker trust as an organization:

1. We promote horizontality: what promotes an organization with a less pyramidal organization chart and with fewer hierarchical levels, where horizontality shows us an organization chart where there are few levels for a collaborator to get to speak with the CEO of the company, promoting communication where there are managers who listen to people.

2. We care about the needs and concerns of the people who work with us, where people look to an organization that is really attentive to help them in any case.

3. We dialogue taking charge, where people know that they can count on an organization that will not only write down in a notebook so that it is forgotten, they know that it will take the points and generate actions for each thing that happens.

4. We promote participation where people feel part of the decisions and transversal definitions, which promotes empowerment and people make decisions on their own, an example is the values ​​that govern the company today, which were defined by the same workers.

Maker trust as a leading brand:

  • Leaders listen to their teams, and they know how to do it with clear training regarding active listening

  • Our leaders constantly practice tolerance towards people

  • Our leaders are based on measurements so they can improve with their feet on the ground

  • our leaders are honestly putting it into practice in every conversation

  • Our leaders are people present before their teams, serving people at all times

  • Our leaders are called to be kind above all else

Maker trust as a transversal concept:

We promote trust in our teams through our leaders, who generate trust wherever they go, with this we can have more powerful and solid teams that can face the inclement times we are experiencing.

As an organization, we promote the right environment so that trust lives in each person who works with us

With this we present ourselves as a company with solid people and teams to our clients, generating a partner relationship that allows us to grow together towards the challenges that are presented to us today, growing together with our clients who trust us.

Here comes a concept which is shown as R=P, which means that the level of relationships that your team has is directly proportional to the level of performance that they will have, where we give it all the importance it deserves by working together relate as much as possible since we have the confidence to say things, to raise risks in a timely manner, a place conducive to making mistakes where no one in the organization is afraid of making a mistake but rather it is learning, something very important that is born from the confidence reaching important levels of innovation.

All this makes us an organization in which trust lives like a balm that softens all the corners, strengthening the relationships between the people of this great team, to look to the future as a solid organization that faces the challenges of the market, adapts quickly to the rapid changes in the world we live in today.

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