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Maker Voice: The representation of the corporate essence

With more than 21 years in the market, Imagemaker has built a great corporate culture that captivates those who know it and seduces talents to be part of it. Part of this appeal is due to the fact that the Makers themselves recognize and transmit its originality, which invites people to want to know more, and since we love to share knowledge, we have devised a communicational pillar to highlight Maker Voices.

Imagemaker spokespersons are all those collaborators who want to share something with the technology community, whether it is an internal matter, public or technological interest. For this, the communications area makes all resources and channels available to maximize what the Makers have to say to the world.

1. Webinars and Workshops

In this instance, the exhibitors put into practice the nobility of sharing the knowledge that characterizes Imagemaker so much through interactive talks that allow learning through action.

2. Opinion articles and columns

Here the Makers will be able to expose their expertise and passion in the digital media available both internally and externally.

See the latest articles published in the international press here

3. Tech Woman

Likewise, this year we inaugurated Tech Woman an initiative that seeks to give visibility to the experience of Maker women in Technology.

Check out the latest blog posts here

Javier Romero, Communications & Marketing area leader commented “Having this type of instance is crucial to keep the culture alive and for the Makers themselves to transmit the expertise that characterizes Imagemaker's talent from their own voice. It is the faithful reflection of the nobility that characterizes us. "

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