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Makers met to celebrate the company's anniversary and holiday parties

2021 passed in the blink of an eye, but not at all unnoticed and that is once again Imagemaker closes a successful year with his talents.

To celebrate the holiday and corporate anniversary parties, the Makers met in an entertaining virtual meeting that delivered great surprises and recognitions:

1. A decade together! We highlight the trajectory:

Lionel Olavarría, the CEO, personally recognized Víctor Agurto, Consultancy Lead, Sebastián Navia, Software Developer, and Isolde Annibale, QA Manual, at the head office, for their career of more than 10 years at Imagemaker.

2. Maker of the Year and Maker Values

As is tradition, the CEO got in the car and headed to the Maker of the Year house to surprise him with the award. On this occasion, Sergio Toro, Software Developer, took the highest distinction that he celebrated that same day at a lunch with Lionel and 3 co-workers.

“I was totally surprised. It is very pleasant to know that your work has visibility within the company and that you are also recognized for it. Thank you Imagemaker. " - Sergio Toro

In addition, Gabriel Torres, UX UI Designer, Tatiana Lastra, People & Culture Analyst, and Claudia Naveria, QA, were chosen by their colleagues for better representing the values of Passion, Nobility, and Overcoming respectively.

"Thanks to the company for the opportunities it offers to improve and to the people who add me to make it possible."- Claudia Naveira

3. Awards programs

  • Referral Program

Awards were also given to Makers who helped grow the Maker family through the program. Daniel Betancur, Software Developer, took first place by being the one who has referred the most annually with 4 people and Nazly Cediel, Scrum Master, at a quarterly level with 3.

“This is an excellent program that allows us to bring people I know to this wonderful company to make them happy as I am. And also the prize is wowww! " - Nazly Cediel

Remember that you can continue participating in the program in 2022 and compete for great prizes and surprises.

  • Tech Master

Thus, we also highlight Daniel Gukovsky, Software Developer, the Maker who most supported the Talent Attraction area with technical interviews.

  • Training

Makers love to learn and share knowledge, that is why Sebastián San Martín, Software Developer, was recognized for completing the largest number of courses at Platzi (33).

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere"

This is how this activity was an opportunity to recognize the great talent Maker who makes it possible to have a successful end of the year. We thank each of the team members for being the most enthusiastic and talented team in the universe.

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