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Makers were certified in Cloud with the support of their partner with technical expertise

The Maker spirit has in its DNA the value of nobility, which is why we love to support and share knowledge with the universe in our daily lives. A concrete example of this is the accompaniment led by Stephano Apiolaza, Software Developer, to the Makers who were certified in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Cloud is a core technology for the company, which is why the transversal and constant training of collaborators in this area is encouraged. However, at Imagemaker we seek that the process is enriching for people, beyond technical compliance, for this reason, the Technology area organized support sessions in which the Makers who were preparing to do the certification met weekly to solve doubts, study and practice with each other at the hands of Stephano, who had already obtained his certificate and manages the Oracle cloud at the same time. perfection.

The Makers themselves tell us about their experience:

José Mellado, Software Developer: “For me, the support of Imagemaker was essential to obtain the certification. Stephano guided us a lot, in addition to giving us his knowledge which was very helpful. He had many tips and advice that I took when taking the exam and studying. I recommend to all Makers that they gamble with the certification since the technologies are all oriented to the cloud.”

Juan Valera, Software Developer: “This certification helps us to have a broader vision of Cloud technology so we can face technical challenges in a better way with fundamentals. The accompaniment of Stephano's hand has been very enriching, not only from the technical part but also feeling supported."

Stephano Apiolaza, Software Developer: "The objective of this process is to develop skills in cloud technologies, empowering new generations with theoretical and practical foundations that will be of great help to fulfill the objectives of our partners in Imagemaker". In addition, under the wing of strengthening the career plan, we are oriented to continue promoting certifications of this type. Finally, I thank all those who participated and made this process a success and I encourage new developers who want to validate their knowledge with a certification that generates an impact in the market."

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