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Mission accomplished !: The donation of 5 houses to TECHO- Chile was completed

With the aim of helping the families that need it most in Chile and contributing to entertainment during confinement, the first free Fortnite tournament organized by Imagemaker was held last October.

In addition to entertaining days with more than 300 participants, the purpose of helping 5 families with the donation of temporary housing was achieved through the TECHO - Chile foundation.

Initially, at Imagemaker we committed the amount equivalent to 4 houses, however, when the goal of more than 300 registrations was met, the promise of adding one more house to the cause was fulfilled.

In this regard, Vicente Stiepovich Social Director of TECHO-Chile shared: “Imagemaker's donation deeply helps us in our main mission of building just cities, since with the proceeds we will be able to build emergency housing for families in various regions. With this, we will be able to support the most vulnerable families who are living in terrible material conditions and overcrowded, and we will be able to help them improve their quality of life while living in the camp. It is extremely important for us to have this support and to continue advancing in the Chile Share Housing campaign ”.

Likewise, Javier Romero, Communication and Marketing Lead, added: “For us, it is important to be a contribution to the technological field from our expertise, but also to contribute to the social causes of our country. This cause combines a bit of both world in a playful way that allowed us to have a good time in difficult times while contributing to the foundation's mission of delivering homes to those who need it most. "

In this way, as part of its 2020-2021 social commitment program that aims to help the community, Imagemaker seeks to raise awareness and collaborate with TECHO-Chile in this difficult time with entertaining and different content, aimed at the entire community of esports.

You can make your donation, safely at

Join the #CollectaPorUnTecho cause!

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