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Must-have digital soft skills for successful people

Technology, without a doubt, plays a key role in our daily lives. This became more evident in recent months, especially since it is the preferred means of maintaining interactions during social distancing.

This fact shows us that technology not only has a digital dimension, but also a very human one that has lagged behind, however, we realize that labor and social demands are seeking to give it a twist to this logic.

At the beginning of 2020, LinkedIn, one of the largest job search and employment networks in the world, published a study on the skills with the highest demand and concluded that recruiters are increasingly looking for profiles that combine hard skills and soft, with creativity topping the list of desired attributes. Also, soft skills are projected to increase in value as technology and automation advance.

These indicators are a reflection of the changes derived from the digital transformation in organizations and work relations of all kinds. More and more, companies are looking for people who handle technical tools for new professional challenges, but also soft skills - which can hardly be automated - increasingly take an important role in the face of the new relational dynamics that are generated from constant changes.

With Loreto Naranjo, People & Culture Director of Imagemaker, we share some tips that our makers put into practice and that will help you develop your digital soft skills every day:

"Greeting before work"

For a healthy relationship, we recommend that you greet your contacts before entering the work arena.

One of the consequences of teleworking is that delivery times are often shortened and we need information immediately. This, added to the fact that we are in constant contact through digital communication channels with colleagues, even outside of work hours - although it should not - can result in us forgetting the basic customs of greeting and saying goodbye.

"Check your text before sending"

Stop! Make sure that the first message has a greeting, the conversation an appropriate tone and a cordial ending.

A good technique is to pause a little before hitting the send button to check if the message you send has a proper greeting and tone.

"It's never too late to be nice"

It is normal that in these times we walk a little more accelerated and we forget to say hello and / or say goodbye to our colleagues without realizing it happens to all of us! but it is never too late to remedy it.

"Better call to talk"

Hearing the voice of your teammates can generate positive closeness for the team.

We know that, especially the current generations, prefer instant messages, however, to maintain the closeness between the team, it never hurts to substitute a message for a call.

"Be attentive and follow up"

Worry about how your team and those close to you are feeling.

Although technology shortens time and distances, it also prevents us from being close, enabling us to perceive situations, emotions, and circumstances. For this reason, we invite you to be more attentive than ever to the needs of the team and be empathetic with the rest, especially in these difficult times. In addition to detecting them, we propose to monitor them and offer the corresponding help.

"Get involved .. but control yourself!"

Supporting the team is important, but respects the personal life of each one.

At this point, it is essential to know how to read the context. Each situation and each person is different, so it is necessary to respect the different realities and give the space that is necessary.

"Don't worry .. Better take care!"

Faced with problems, look for a solution that benefits the team. Don't dwell on the problem.

Teams are often able to identify problems that affect them, however, a lot of time is spent trying to find out how it arose, the person responsible, or who should solve it. While it is important to learn from these situations, it is even more relevant to propose solutions that allow us to get out of the matter for the good of the group.

"For best results, you have to be relaxed"

Not everything is work, connect with your team at other levels, and make them feel how important they are to achieve success.

To achieve great results, there must be consistency between work teams. Take advantage of technology to do extra-work activities that allow you to get to know your colleagues better and generate more and better links.

It should be noted that in addition to technical capacities and skills, the health, well-being, and happiness of employees is of the utmost importance because the productivity of each person depends on their physical and mental stability.

On this, Loreto Naranjo commented “It is not only about complying with protocols, if not, but they are also small human actions that make a difference. You have to realize the time to read the environment and be a pillar of accompaniment in these difficult times ”.

With this technological transformation comes a new role for people; It is then about change management, learning focused on those human skills. Profiles with a great development of soft skills are what will be demanded in the world of work to face new relationships, including technology and humanity relationships.

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