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Passion is a key element to succeeding in technology

Estefany Tulcán, FrontEnd of Imagemaker, is a Systems Engineer who from a very young age found her passion for software development.

Already at school she liked mathematics and calculations but her biggest hobby was programming marathons, even in 2019 she won first place in a NASA Hackathon. This was further confirmation that challenges to help her develop logic were what she was truly passionate about. When she entered the university to study, she also began to work, which helped her confirm that this was what she wanted to do in her life.

Although she was already more than clear about what she liked, she encountered various adversities in entering an area in which there are few women. But this did not stop her and she has succeeded throughout her career. Today Estefany shares tips so that passion triumphs over prejudice:

1.Trust your knowledge

Women have many capacities and we have to trust in that because we are capable of achieving great things. Knowledge is something universal, which does not discriminate by gender.

2.Don't stop learning

In all senses, but especially in the technological field, it is important to learn every day because things change very quickly. Being self-taught is a good thing if you want to improve yourself.

3.Look beyond

Do not stay in the basics, you have to go one step further, have a vision, and propose. When you participate in the development of a product it is important to pay attention to detail, and even more so when you work on different interfaces. You have to think about what the user is going to do, and what can happen after their interaction.

4.Do what you like

If you do what you love, any impediment will be seen as an interesting challenge. You're going to want to get over it and learn from the process.

5. Take challenges

Taking challenges is always good because in that way you can test your limits. The comfort zone is not always good, change is. The satisfaction of getting out there and doing well is incredible.

Regarding the previous points, Estefany concluded: “I want to convey to women that they do not give up on things. We all started at a point where we didn't know things and we learned them from scratch, but we achieved it by participating, leading, and making ourselves feel. We are women and we have to support each other, create a community.”

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