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Promotion strategy: how to create a plan based on the purchase intention of your customers

When you are shopping online, has it happened to you that you decide not to buy a product because it does not have free shipping? Or, have you bought it despite having a high dispatch value?

These actions will depend on the purchase intention you have on the product you are about to purchase, but how can companies know what type of promotion they should deliver to their customers according to their purchase intention? Easy! through Artificial Intelligence.

It is of utmost importance for companies to have a sales promotion or discount strategy. This focuses on motivating customers to take a specific and predetermined action through discounts and incentives. The objective of any e-commerce sales promotion strategy is to interact with the customer to promote the continuity of their journey.

Namogoo offers a solution that allows, thanks to Machine Learning, to predict the visitor's steps during their visit according to various factors and interactions during their session, such as the probability of abandoning the site, resistance to purchase, among others, without collecting any personal information.

Thanks to this prediction, the solution makes hyper-personalized decisions for each visitor in real-time, achieving live interaction according to business objectives and offering customers incentives according to active Ecommerce campaigns, improving the main KPIs of the business.

With this information, the solution allows you to configure target groups, product categories, limits, and types of discounts in order to get the most out of sales and profitability according to the promotional budget.

With Namogoo you can create campaigns and analyze them in one place, as well as have recommendations based on results and good practices in the industry.

This solution has a Plug and Play methodology, that is, it integrates immediately with the largest e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, among others.

Do not be left with the doubt of how this software could benefit your business, try it without cost or commitments for 14 days.

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