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Quiubo Colombia !: Successful first meeting with the Makers in Colombia

Last Friday, July 9, the Quiubo Colombia meeting was held, an instance that aimed to bring together for the first time all the Makers of that country to share with them the news, strategic issues, and an entertaining meeting.

Lionel Olavarría, CEO of Imagemaker, kicked off the meeting in which they discussed how Colombia is a key market for the company's operations thanks to the high level of local talent, the high technological index, among other characteristics.

Likewise, the team that will lead the country's operations was presented and the goals that are expected to be achieved with the support of the Colombian Makers were communicated. Operations in the coffee-growing country began in July 2020 and one year after its inception, we already have more than 50 Makers that provide services to important clients in both Chile and the United States.

In this regard, Marcela Martínez, software developer, commented: “The Quiubo Colombia meeting was full of surprises for all the Makers in the country, it is great news to know that they are coming to establish themselves here to open the market and that we will have the opportunity to work with local clients ”.

To end the meeting, a dynamic was held to meet each of the participants. In this regard, Felipe Balma, Regional Manager, commented “I felt supremely proud of the first Quihubo Colombia, meeting the team and validating their enthusiasm, passion, and desire to grow filled me with energy and security for the challenges that come to Colombia. They are Makers at heart ”.

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