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Scrum Day Colombia managed to bring together the Maker team of agile excellence

Within the framework of Scrum Day, Imagemaker demonstrated that in its DNA it carries agility to the maximum to the point of living it naturally since without being aware of it we put into practice one of Jurgen Apello's learnings.

The creator of Management 3.0 proposes an organizational design alternative that considers small teams where people feel safe, serving a specific value stream, focused on experience and not on specific digital products: "Happiness is in experiences, not in things". The approach lies in quickly assembling work teams with clear purposes and defined objectives, which can be fulfilled in a certain short time, in a kind of mission, where the different skills that are necessary for it are considered and where the responsibility of each is clear. one of the members. This alternative continuously generates micro companies within companies that allow people to participate in them over time, creating a greater sense of identity, since it considers small teams. It also keeps people motivated with different, short-term, and achievable goals. He exemplifies it with a press team, which in an emergency must go out to report the contingency with the journalist, cameraman, and assistant on duty without having the time to “do a team canvas”. Being clear about the purpose and responsibilities of each one, they manage to fulfill their objective in the best way, and then come back and team up with other people and jump to the next task.

Without planning it in detail, this is how the Maker team in charge of representing the company at Scrum Day Colombia 2022 was formed and that, thanks to its agile management, had great learning and achievements. We share with you his vision of this experience:

Guillermo Crisóstomo, Delivery Director: “You can see that they are a different company” was the phrase that the people who approached us told us the most throughout the event. This was the basis of the contacts we had both with potential clients and with potential Makers. The energy and good vibes that the team transmitted throughout the event, and also the quality of the content that was shown in Mauricio's talk, provide the perfect complement to make visible a company with great knowledge and experience but that also has a great time working .”

Mauricio Morales, Scrum Master: “The talk was a great milestone for Imagemaker and for me as a professional. The support of the team was invaluable to achieve it the way it was, I had never felt like this.”

Nazly Cediel, Deliver Manager: "The attitude of the entire team made the difference and I think Mauricio's talk managed to convey the essence of Imagemaker."

Jorge Garrido, Delivery Manager: "Mauricio's talk generated a lot of pride and admiration in me."

Paula Carreño, Talent Acquisition Executive: “The connection we achieved was key to fulfilling the objective of the meeting. Although we have had contact, we had not been on the same team. Mau's talk and the support we provided as a team reflected what we wanted from the attendees and Imagemaker made the difference with his attitude and teamwork.”

Maggie Espinoza, Talent Acquisition Lead: “My first big milestone is how comfortable I felt with the team from the start. We have achieved great cohesion as a team and shared with my AT team that was part of this great experience. I was personally able to learn more about agility. He highlighted the good ideas delivered in moments of relationship and above all the tremendous talk by Mau.”

Elena Brenes, Communications Analyts: “For me, it was a tremendous learning experience to represent the area in the first international sponsorship and I believe that all the expectations of the team were met.”

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