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See how the Maker 2022 year-end and anniversary events went

After two years of celebrating the end of the year virtually, this 2022 we met again in person to celebrate this year's achievements, get to know each other, and celebrate Imagemaker's 23rd anniversary.

For the first time in the company's history, events were held both in Chile and Colombia, countries where we have the largest presence of Makers, with the aim of expanding the experience as much as possible.


Under the "Make it Colorful" concept, the theme of the event sought to live the corporate colors to the fullest and was held at Espacio 335, a colorful place full of urban art perfect for the occasion.

At the beginning of the event, the more than 100 Makers were received with a welcome cocktail and a station where they could personalize a Totebag with their corporate identity as a souvenir of the meeting. While the attendees enjoyed the view, the conversations, and the food, Lionel Olavarría, CEO, and Katherine Sepúlveda, People Generalist, appeared among the audience walking towards the stage, thanking the organizing committee and starting a singing show starring Liliana Castellanos, who had already delighted his teammates at the 2020 event.

With a spectacular pink dress, she arrived on stage to surprise with her voice when interpreting The house of a rising son by The Animals. In the end, Lionel presented him with a musical note award as thanks for his participation.

Immediately after, Andrea Reyes, Global Strategy Manager, and Javier Romero, Communications & Marketing Manager, took the stage and were in charge of animating the Maker Awards.

To begin, they invited Francisco Schmidt, CRO, to the stage, who presented the Maker Value of Passion to Katherine Sepúlveda. Likewise, the hosts called on Marcela Nanning, CFO, to present the recognition of Nobility to Paula Estay, Multimedia Graphic Designer. Later, Rodrigo Ruiz took the stage to congratulate Stephano Apiolaza, Software Developer, who was recognized by his peers as the partner who best represents self-improvement, however, he was unable to attend the ceremony due to the birth of his son, so his colleague Jorge Garrido, Delivery Manager, received it on his behalf. Also in this instance, Lionel presented the Maker of the Year award to Mauricio Morales, Scrum Master.

Late at night, those present were invited to go underground to continue with the “underground” party where they were received by a Karaoke band with a live band that Lionel opened with the song Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf and More Makers followed, lighting up the stage with their talents. The evening continued full of music, dance, colors, and lots of laughter.

Watch the video of the event in Chile!


In a historic milestone, on December 14 and 15, the face-to-face celebration events were held in Medellín and Bogotá for the first time at Imagemaker. Both events also celebrated the third year since the start of operations in Colombia and the growth it has shown since then.

Felipe Balma, Regional Manager, attended and started both instances. The meeting in Medellín took place at the Rooftop Envy where the Makers were able to enjoy snacks, salsa night, and live music. Also during the night, recognition was given to Pedro Hincapié for the value of Overcoming delivered by Jaime Valls, Regional Business Development Manager. Likewise, Juan Pablo García, Key Account Manager presented the award to Santiago Arias who won first place in the referral program.

In Bogotá, the Makers met at Cuervo Cantina with a spectacular atmosphere, music, and delicious Mexican food. As in the other events, Nazly Cediel presented the recognition of Nobility to Wilmar Pineda. The value of Passion was taken by Carlos Almira who is in Cali but who received it virtually with great joy.

These events allowed us to resume the traditional Imagemaker celebration with the aim of meeting again in person and strengthening the ties between the Makers.

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