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Shopping carts are not only abandoned, they are also being hijacked

Chile was filled with cyber, and in the midst of confinement, digital purchases are gaining ground in the national market. According to the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, Cyber ​​Chile, an event held last September, raised US $ 368 million chilean pesos and more than 4 million transactions. A total success for the rebound in businesses, however, it is necessary to investigate a little more in the figures that this event left us.

One of the most interesting data to look at is the number of visits to particular sites, which this time exceeded 200 million, which the authorities highlight as a “success”, however, if we analyze the data a little more, we find ourselves so that only 2% of them made their purchase. Reasons why there may be several, ranging from the interest of the product, to the quality of the offer, among other variables, both personal and of the sale that affect the customer's purchase journey.

Another piece of information that companies' ecommerce managers look at is the abandonment rate of the shopping cart. The analysis is solved with a heat map to understand at what point the customer was lost and there are multiple strategies to recover it, such as sending mailings that request to return and make the purchase, some more risky offer discounts or attractive offers.

In general, businesses analyze all the variables of the customer's purchase journey and can gradually adjust their strategies to improve their objectives, but what happens when there is a blind spot that affects the customer's purchase journey of which we are not giving account?

Abandonment or hijacked?

It is no coincidence that between 15% - 25% of the sessions have some type of infection on their devices when visiting the Ecommerce, known as "pop-ups", which probably contain malware with unauthorized advertising that seduces the buyer and it derives it to a site outside the page it is on, without the business being aware of it, since finally in the statistics it is considered one more abandoned shopping cart.

This type of malicious practices can affect between 1.5% - 5% of the sale of an online business, losses that could be avoided if the purchase site is correctly secured through prevention and blocking of this type of malware. Thus decreasing the cart abandonment rate between 5% -9%.

Imagemaker, a leading international company in the technology field, is the company that officially represents Namogoo, the most innovative solution in this area. With a focus on Machine Learning technology, the company manages to know the behavior of these malware, detects and blocks unauthorized elements and promotional ads injected into visitor sessions, preventing its customers from diverting to their competitors, boosting conversion rates , experience and user protection.

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