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Overcoming spirit: Makers stand out at the company training

At the beginning of 2021 we celebrate the 6 months of the launch of the training plan in which all makers have a personalized learning path according to their strengths and objectives.

We share with you the achievements we have achieved in these 6 months:

In this process, Francisco Castillo, Software Developer, has been the first maker to fully complete his second learning path. He shares his experience with us:

What did you think of the possibility of training offered by Imagemaker?

Excellent since Imagemaker has given me the opportunity to learn new technologies for my professional growth.

How has the training helped you in your performance?

In the professional part, I have been able to put into practice the technical profiles that I learned during the courses, thus facilitating the processes in the products that we develop as a team.

How was the experience of learning online?

For me, it has been very practical since I can take the time necessary to study and it also allows me to access them at any time through any digital medium.

What would you say to makers to encourage them to train?

That it is always necessary to learn more about new technologies every day and to take advantage of the opportunities that Imagemaker is giving to grow at a professional level and that even dedicate one hour a day. This way they will be able to comply with each of the courses assigned to them.

The case of Francisco is a concrete example of the spirit of improvement that characterizes all makers and that together with passion and nobility make us the most talented and enthusiastic team in the universe.

During this year 2021 we will continue to make the calls to register for this opportunity to train, where the first call will be made in the fortnight of January (this call is made every 3 months).

Our goal is for 100% of Makers to at least give this option a try and get excited about improving their skills.

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