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StarmeUp launch brings together the makers to recognize corporate values

At Imagemaker we aim to build a unique and unmatched culture based on our values of Passion, Nobility, and Overcoming. This is why last Friday, April 16, we launched StarmeUp, a platform where makers can recognize each other.

The activity led by Lionel Olavarría, CEO of the company, and Loreto Naranjo, People & Culture Director, was carried out via Zoom and brought together more than 180 makers, who shared a virtual lunch.

Event highlights

1. Shared lunch!

For this opportunity, we sent each maker a coupon so that they could order something delicious from their home and share it during the meeting.

During the past years, when it was possible to work at Imagemaker offices, there was a tradition of starting the year with a pizza. Despite the contingency of Covid-19, we did not want to lose the tradition, we took advantage of the instance to share a maker experience in a virtual way.

2. Makers video

Before we begin, we show a video to reinforce the values ​​that guide us and the behaviors that we begin to recognize ourselves (The video is in Spanish)

3. Platform presentation

We finally know the platform! Lionel presented StarmeUp, the system that will allow us to recognize among the makers the behaviors that emanate from the values ​​of Passion, Nobility, and Overcoming.

4. The importance of recognizing ourselves

The winners of the Maker Values ​​2020 gave their opinion on why this platform would be key to enhancing the maker culture and expressed their expectations about its use.

5. Recognition

To demonstrate how StartmeUp works, Lionel delivered the first star of the platform. Claudia Naveira, the former chef who turned her professional career around and started as an intern to become an analyst at the company, was recognized for her spirit of self-improvement.

6. Virtual background maker

Physical distance does not prevent us from forming a united team. Therefore, to feel more connected, the makers used a background that represents the makers of fun spirit.

7. Conversation

After finishing the launch, some makers stayed at the meeting to have a playful moment, share with the team and share their experiences in the company.

In this regard Irene Monge, Organizational Culture Ambassador, commented:

“StarMeUp will allow the integration of our makers, regardless of their geographical location, to promote mutual recognition of our values, which generates great personal satisfaction and identity with our company. We want Imagemaker to be space beyond just work. We want to create a unique experience for our team. "

This is how with StarmeUp we seek to strengthen the corporate culture with makers as protagonists of them, always having as a guide the pillars that characterize us as makers.

Enter the platform and start giving your stars! (link starmeup)

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