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Strategic consulting: beyond technology

Unlike what happens in the definition of generations, currently, there is no international consensus to define at what stage of maturity technology consulting is, and with great effort -and without much precision- the exact dates could be demarcated ( or rather close) of when it went from one stage to another.

In the literature on this topic, we can find two major concepts that encompass the evolution of consultative outsourcing, the first definition has a tactical approach and refers to the conception that was had in the 60s about the service agreement of short outsourcing term, in which there was no stable relationship between the company and the supplier.

Over the years, the market began to talk about strategic outsourcing, which arises basically as a consequence of globalization and its impact on markets, but also due to the greater technological and management complexity required of companies.

The most remarkable differences between both concepts are time, understood from the relationship that exists between the consultancy and the business objective, but always based on technological adjustment.

Far from wanting to be historians and trying to mark a defining date of when the way of consulting was changed from a tactic to a strategic one, we want to recognize that today the two concepts fall short of the global business reality.

New era: strategic business partner

The current era requires consultants who are strategic business partners. The concept has been overused multiple times to the point that it can become somewhat trite or trivial, but what do we mean in Imagemaker by this?

In the first place, it is necessary to clarify that the relationship between the contracting company and the supplier is no longer merely contractual, but one of business partnership. To understand this analogy, it is necessary to visualize it as a virtuous circle, how so?

The circle of the new strategic consulting:

1. One and Only team:

Clarify that the client's objectives are the consultant's objectives. Our objectives. To make them your own, collaborative work is necessary for which they must be recognized, studied, and adjusted for the goals to be achieved. Once defined, body and soul will work to achieve and overcome them.

Be careful, overcome them. We no longer fall into compliance with facilities, if not, we co-create business vision. Therefore, you are no longer empathic with the client or flexible because we do not speak of another as external, but rather as the same team seeking the same dreams.

2. Most Valuable Team

The best way to do it, creating a team made up of leaders in the field. The largest investment should not be made in the licenses of the tools that will be occupied, if not, in training a team of people so that they can advise, implement and adjust them to the client's needs.

At Imagemaker, we have the vision of training the makers and the circle of the client with whom we work, since to reach the maximum potential it is essential that the unified team, the most talented on the planet, has the desired level of capabilities.

Thus, makers have the opportunity to work side by side with talented people and also have the option of generating a solid professional career and personal growth accompanied by imminent professional success.

3. Goals first, technology later

The last but most important thing is that the technologies adapt to the business and not vice versa. It is not about implementing technological tools because the competition uses them or just because. Be at the forefront according to the needs of the business.

In other words, once our objectives have been identified, we will select the best tools to achieve them.

4. Let's rock the technology

Only when the first three pillars are affirmed, can we focus on the implementation of technological solutions to execute in a unique and incredible way the previously created business vision.

Thus, the unified and trained team will be able to adapt the most avant-garde technologies based on the established objectives, whether they are digitizing your business to the maximum, evolving to face changes, maximizing the power of data, maximizing the operation, or solving the problems of the day a day.

Finally, being a strategic partner is summarized in that the makers accompany the company side by side throughout the process of consulting, implementation, adjustment, and reengineering to maximize its capabilities and that in the future it can survive on its own.

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Victor Agurto

Consultancy Lead

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