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Success Storie Banking Industry: “opportunities box”

By: Imagemaker

What was the problem identified?


The bank needed to optimize time spent identifying and closing sales opportunities. In this process, several internal departments participated before handing over the approved products to the client.

How we solve it?

FOCUS AT THE OPPORTUNITIES (Opportunities Mindset)

Considering the needs presented, we co-created a solution called "Opportunities Box", a platform for all departments involved in the process, from sales to analysis and approval. An optimized workflow, customized and based on their responsibilities and information need. Oracle was used for database management, and on the development, Angular JS, Java 8, Spring MVC and Atlassian suite.

What was the results?


The platform allowed us to detect opportunities faster, manage data and put in order all the process of product request, optimizing search times for sales opportunities and product approval for customers. A fluid collaboration was also achieved between the internal departments involved in the process, improving productivity in the team.

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