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Success story: 17 years supporting the leader of the banking industry

Our relationship with this client lasted for almost 17 years. During this important period, more than 300 projects were developed with great success. We were able to learn about and create different digital experiences, together with all the Bank's business areas, which allowed us to use a significant diversity of technologies.


Integration project between Transbank and the Bank, so that both business and personal clients could consult regarding their credit card; your movements, balances, make payments, advances, blocks, activations among other transactions. This project was strategic for the Bank, since they went from an offline model with information updates every 48 hours, to a 100% online model.


Conceptualization, development, and creation of the first micropayments application integrated to the CCA (ACH) and piloted with two other financial institutions. It was an initiative proposed by Imagemaker of a product created in-house and that later the bank evolved to what today is known as MACH.


Corrective and evolutionary maintenance service for the e-banking of companies made up of a team of developers and designers who solved incidents in production developed new business requirements, and also technological updates to avoid obsolescence of the website.


For several years, Imagemaker was responsible for the evolution of the bank's public site, both for its renewal every 2 years in graphic terms and for the daily update of its online content.


Project created so that clients can send one or more payment orders in foreign currency from the web and buy the currencies online, without having to have a current account in that currency, charging their current account in pesos or dollars.

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