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Success story: Changing the way you purchase a car insurance

We invite you to read this successful step in which we supported a successful bank in Chile to develop a world-class online platform, which would allow easy acquisition of car insurance at a local and regional level, positioning it as one of the main players in the market.

We did? Integrated and optimized purchase

Migrated all the technology from a monolith to a spring boot-microservices environment architecture with a Dockers Swarm mount. Exposing API Rest through the bank's own API Gateway.

In addition, continuous integration of 7 WS in TLS 1.2 was carried out in servers such as Jenkins, Sonarqube, Artifactory, and other tools for its deployment. The pipelines were also developed in Groovy, managing to automate the steps between the different environments, creating a much easier platform to evolve, and improving the previous version of Java 1.8 with the JSF framework that caused production steps of months. Among the automated tasks is code inspection for security in Fortify.

The FrontEnd layer was made in Angular 8 for a responsive design oriented to use microservices.

Thus, an integration was made with Patpass, 7 insurers, 2 inspection services, and legacy bank services for sale.

Imagemaker carried out the implementation of the integration and continuous deployment using agile methodologies, which later passed into the hands of the Bank, which meant joint work of the Maker with the different areas of the client.


  • Conversion rate doubled

  • Better acceptance by users in the product interface

  • Increased sales

  • Improved platform stability

  • Greater speed in productive changes

  • Reflection of offers more quickly

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