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Success story: Imagemaker leads an agile implementation plan in an important Chilean bank

Since November 2020, Imagemaker has been providing consulting and software development services to a major bank in Chile with a focus on agility with which the Makers have been recognized on multiple occasions for their outstanding work, high performance, and support to achieve the goals of the company. institution.

In this context and with the principle of wanting to deliver outstanding service while being a strategic partner for clients, the team led by Jorge Garrido, Imagemaker's Delivery Manager put together a proposal to the client to improve work processes and make them more efficient. With Mauricio Morales, Agile Coach, leading the initiative, a pilot plan was established that sought to find a Kanban-based methodology adapted to the client's reality.

What did we do?

1. Know the reality of the client

The way the Imagemaker service is designed facilitates high-level technical teams and consulting roles that accompany the entire development process. This is why living the reality of the client from the inside allowed us to have a vision of the strengths and points of improvement of the processes from a visionary point of view.

2. Choose a cell type

For this pilot plan, we worked with a cell made up entirely of Makers who provide exclusive service to the bank.

3. Establish a plan and methodology

With this panorama and thanks to Imagemaker's experience, it was determined that Kanban would be a good methodology for the client's reality, however, they decided that before implementing it, they should combine this framework with Lean thinking, in order to prepare the way and achieve the proposed objectives.

4. Implement

The pilot began with Lean and Kanban training for the cell so that they thoroughly understood the concepts as well as their current development process, eliminating waste and generating a Kanban board that faithfully represented the operation of the team. Once the process had been identified and made leaner, the classes of services, flows, and cadence was identified, and how each of them was impacted by the proposed methodology to start putting it into practice. This plan was carried out for 16 weeks.

5. Measure

After this period, the work of the cell was evaluated and these were the results:

  • More stable iterations, as the team gets better through task status visibility on the new dashboard

  • Less time to close tasks, due to the team's concern about moving tasks in a timely manner.

  • 85% predictability of compliance was reached, reaching the point where the team evolved from having reliable predictability from 18 days to 10 days.

  • More thoroughness in the team in the use of the Jira tool which provides us with the necessary measurements

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