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Talent Day: The Reflection of Maker Nobility

At Imagemaker we like to learn but above all share knowledge, that is why as part of the internal training program, the People & Culture area has launched the Talent Day initiative, which considers one day a month in which we will celebrate the good what we are to learn with activities, workshops, awards, talks and more.

In this context, with more than 30 attendees, the first Talent Day was held on June 30, which was held with three open talks for all collaborators. The Jira and Scale Up workshops were given by Imagemaker software developers Nazly Cediel and Jairo Boada respectively. The third instance was a Platzi course on agility.

The attendees evaluated this first instance as "Very good", which highlights the quality of the internal talent and the usefulness of these instances to achieve the goal of sharing knowledge, putting into practice the Maker nobility.

In this regard, José Escorche, Software Developer and assistant pointed out “It was an excellent opportunity to share knowledge among makers at an international level. In addition, there were interesting technology topics that, at least on a personal level, make me curious but I had not had the opportunity to learn about them."

Likewise, Cristhian Gallardo, Training & Development Executive, commented “The objective of this is to put all the instances and tools so that the knowledge in Imagemaker expands and becomes part of the DNA of the makers. The goal is that each of the collaborators has access to training and thus be able to be a reference. We have a lot of talent and we have to highlight it ”.

If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor in any of the Talent Day activities, you can contact

Thus, with instances such as Talent Day, the nobility of the maker is reflected by constantly supporting us and sharing our knowledge with the universe.

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