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Technology as a key ally in changing habits

New year, new life. Popular sayings always bring with them some degree of wisdom that communities confirm as they are passed down from generation to generation, and this case is no exception.

It is very common that with the arrival of the new year, people propose objectives, and among the most common, are those related to the quality of life or the acquisition of better habits, however, it is equally recurrent that these are not materialized.

That is why technology, once again, comes to the rescue and helps us incorporate changes to improve those aspects that we want to change.

We recommend the following tools so that this is the year in which you achieve all your purposes:

1. Improve your sleep hours

For Apple lovers, iOS helps you set the number of hours you want to sleep each night, as well as reminding you of your bedtime and activating an alarm to wake you up to your goals.

In addition, you can instruct your devices so that the previous hours the light on your screen decreases and that during your sleep cycle they are in "Do not disturb" mode that will prevent notifications from reaching you that could interrupt your rest.

In Android, although they do not incorporate these features in their operating systems, you can download applications that have similar characteristics, such as Sleep Cycle, Sleep as Android, Runtastic Sleep Better, among others.

2. Get moving!

One of the biggest goals at the beginning of the year is to be more active or start playing sports, however, mobility and meeting restrictions due to Covid-19 have made technology the best ally for this purpose. The options are multiple and vary according to the needs of each person and objective.

  • Youtube: There are thousands of routines, of different intensities and durations, that can keep you active without having a gym at home.

  • Sports apps: Some brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Apple, among others, have released routines from various disciplines that will help you combine exercises that will not bore you.

  • Virtual classes: Gyms, trainers and experts in the discipline are pleasantly reinventing themselves. Some networks made available videos or live classes with which you can continue your training from home.

3. Stay calm with Mindfulness

Confinement opened up the possibilities for us to dedicate more time to certain tasks that were usually left in the background such as meditation, relaxation, and the practice of Mindfulness, but now is a perfect time to incorporate it into routines.

One of the best-known applications for this is Calm, available both in the App Store and in Google Play, it contains guides on mindfulness, meditation, and sleep, with more than 30 million downloads to date.

Likewise, if you are a fan of the series, it is also your chance, Netflix released "Headspace Guide to Meditation", based on the app by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk who gives you the keys to learn to meditate and get away once and for all. all the stress in your life.

In the field of audio, you can find thousands of podcasts on this subject on Spotify.

4. Just read

There are people who have cataloged reading as the cure for many ills since it can clear and stimulate the mind at the same time. Of course, it is a habit that little by little has ceased to be adopted by the new generations, but that every day comes back to life thanks to the options offered by technology.

Devices such as Kindle and formats such as PDF that allow you to enjoy reading without the need to go to a bookstore or library have been key to continuing to read as a nice habit.

Added to this crusade are applications such as GoodReads, which brings together lovers of letters in a digital reading club where they can comment on their experiences, exchange opinions, recommend some books to the community.

Incorporating a habit into your lifestyle is not an easy task, but technology has many tools that help us make this journey more enjoyable, even at any time of the year. With it and the desire to achieve your goals, you can achieve what you have always proposed.

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