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The advantages of being passionate at work

By: Loreto Naranjo and Imagemaker´s team

In this month of love and friendship, passion is a key concept to describe the feelings that arise, however, we believe that this value should be present in all the members of the companies throughout their work trajectory, but why It is so important?

At Imagemaker we firmly believe that our pillars are based on a virtuous circle in which makers are always at the center and in which passion is fundamental for their synergy since it is considered one of the most important points in growthwork.

For Loreto Naranjo, People & Culture Director, “passion brings with it an optimistic vision in everything that surrounds you. The feeling of being capable generates motivation to achieve what you propose, reaching limits that you did not imagine. Believe in yourself and in those who bring you this same value. "

Passion is one of the values ​​that characterize makers and that makes us stand out in the field for being the most enthusiastic team in the universe.

In this context, we share some advantages of possessing this virtue: Passion is ...

  • Excellence: When you do what you like, you strive for things to turn out well.

  • Energy: If your work makes you feel happy, you will be much more motivated and therefore, you will work with greater harmony.

  • More commitment: If you feel that you succeed in your challenges, you will feel more involved in them and you will have better initiatives for success.

  • Learning: If you are interested and passionate about something, you will want to explore and enhance even the smallest detail.

This sounds incredible, but we know that not everything is rosy and efforts are required to achieve that passion, so we leave you some tips to maintain and develop it:

  • Promote an agile mindset: this will encourage you to be more involved in the development processes, trying new ideas without fear of failure.

  • Have autonomy: trust your co-workers, freedom will give them more responsibilities in team challenges.

  • Encourage training: with the learning of new knowledge and you will stay more motivated and you will seek new ways of doing things, taking out your greatest potential.

It is important to have a balance between professional and work-life since the latter forms a large part of life. The only way to find it is to love what you do. Take your passion to the fullest!

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