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The challenges to attracting Tech profiles and tips to face them

The growth of the IT sector has been exponential, increasing the demand for digital talent that is scarce in many opportunities. This, added to the new world panorama that changed people's interests, favoring a balance between personal and work life, generated a restructuring of how to look for new collaborators.

Margareth Espinoza, Talent Acquisition Lead, who has been practicing in the technology market for more than 9 years, tells us how the art of attracting talent has evolved in the face of a great change in the mentality of the new generations:

1. Be transparent:

The developer profile is highly demanded and companies are increasingly improving their offers to reach the best talent. This is good because every time we are improving the workplaces but it is very important to be honest and transparent with the candidates and not lie, hide or omit any information since when they live the reality of the organization and contrast with the promises they can easily leave and the reputation is bad.

2. Constant study of technologies:

The Talent Attraction area is a candidate's first point of contact, so it is important to show that the company knows what it is talking about. It is necessary to understand languages, tools, technologies, and other things to be able to filter correctly. The computing world is constantly changing and it gives you challenges that you have to face while learning.

3. Don't get carried away by the titles:

Currently, we cannot be biased towards a university degree, especially in a generation so self-taught in a field that allows it to be so easy. What should matter to us is the talent and how the person came to acquire that knowledge.

Good talent does not start from where you are a student, but the capacities you have to want to be better every day.

4. Know what they are looking for:

Developers have had an evolution in the last 3 years, they know that their knowledge is fundamental in any organization and they demonstrated great empowerment of their profile. Today they are people who know what they want and how they want it, they prioritize the quality of life, they seek that improvement, not just salary. They are also interested in having innovative and challenging projects, developing things that positively impact people's lives.

In this regard, Margareth commented: “Added to this is the challenge of reconciling the remote work requested by candidates and the need for clients to have talent in the plant. But at Imagemaker we have a very good team that knows how to convey that what unites us is making developments that make a difference and contribute."

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