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The importance of female tech communities

It is public knowledge that women have been key in the most important technological advances for humanity and thanks to the path that has been traced, it has been possible to advance towards equality in organizations.

Regina Gálvez, a Software Developer who has been an active participant in different technological communities for women, considers that these instances are key to closing the gap.

Within her vision, she considers that women must have an active role in the fourth revolution to lead really significant changes that begin by having a meeting place between women. She shares some of the benefits of doing it:

1. The contact between women:

When these types of meetings take place, interesting conversations begin to be generated that often result in large collaborative projects that are possible thanks to a good network of contacts.

2. Support network:

It is also important to have the support and ties to make things happen. Feeling welcomed, feelings of belonging begin to emerge and very valuable and important things are shared for the advancement of the community itself, such as knowledge, event planning, and registration of more women, among others.

3. Greater diversity:

Unfortunately, we are witnesses that in many areas there are visions that do not take into account the reality of women, for example, until recently the signs of a heart attack responding to the symptoms that a man feels and that is why many women do not know until today of today to identify when they are suffering it. The same happens in many other aspects. If women take an important role in these issues and deliver a vision of our reality, we can create much more robust developments.

4. Gender initiatives:

According to Hub Leaders, only 35% of IT professionals are women. The mere fact that there is a female community gives way to empowerment since space is created to position the role of women in the technological world. Meet incredible women who have been making their way, who are inspiring, and from whom we can learn a lot.

In this regard, Regina added: "There are many reasons why the technology sector has a gender gap, but the important thing is to have this type of instance that promotes the creation of significant alliances that encourage us to take the leadership of the new changes."

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