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The lessons learned from the Lisbon Web Summit 2022

As part of the strategy of taking Maker talent to different parts of the world and positioning our services and products in the European market, a team of Makers attended the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon thanks to the support received from ProChile.

As is to be expected in one of the most important technological meetings in the world, great exhibitors appeared and instances of knowledge creation were given that left rich learning that we share with you today:

Lionel Olavarría, Imagemaker CEO, shared on his networks the teaching he learned from the talk by James Vicent, Founder, and CEO of FNDR on the construction of the narrative that every business must follow. According to his vision, this should be done based on the organization's own identity and not copy the competition, taking into account that the product or service you offer is something unique. Apple's consultant for the narrative of products such as iPhones, and iPods, among others, advised:

1. Understand the context and use it to your advantage

2. Describe the problem you want to solve

3. What is your product or service about?

4. Identify what makes your product or service unique

5. How your product or service impacts people

These points finally invite the narrative to lead the strategy.

Likewise, Felipe Balma, Regional Manager of Imagemaker, attended various talks reaching different reflections on the role that technology has in the evolution of society on issues such as climate change, economic crises, and wars. However, this power must be faced with caution and control, since the unregulated use of its tendencies such as the metaverse, blockchain, and Web 3.0, among others, can have disastrous effects on the world.

That is why Balma invites you to carry out these processes with empathy, understanding, respect, and deep human connections, intentionally working to strengthen them.

In the same line of trends, Rodrigo Ruiz, CTO, emphasized the controversial metaverse. Being a fan of technology and an early adopter of all things VR/AR/MR, he invites us to make a distinction between the potential of the metaverse and the commercial ambitions of using his name. For him, the impact that can be achieved in education, entertainment, productivity, and health is huge, so the call is to develop independent, interoperable platforms for technology to unite people, to help us understand our differences.

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