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This is how we celebrate Labor Day at Imagemaker

In an entertaining meeting, more than 40 makers participated in different recreational activities to share as a team within the framework of the worker's day.

The meeting started with hats, laughter, and good vibes. The first instance began with this environment, which consisted of trivia about the company on the Menti platform. The winner of that opportunity was Nicolás Montenegro and Javier Romero placed second.

In between this activity, another competition was added. The makers were asked to go find 4 things they had in the house. Francisca Ruiz Tagle was the one who was crowned the fastest and who will pay the most attention.

In this regard, Irene Monge, Culture Ambassador, commented: “This time we wanted to create a space that was free and fun for makers to have a break in a long week. Always with the center in the Imagemaker values, celebrating the passion for what we like to do. "

This is how with these instances we continue to build a unique and unmatched culture, with makers as the center of each initiative, who always appreciate this type of instance.

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