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Tips to stand out in your job interview

Facing job interviews is usually challenging regardless of the field in which you work. All people who are looking for a job opportunity should prepare for these instances, however, the selection processes in the technology area are characterized by having the technical factor that makes the experience even more challenging.

To successfully conduct the job search process, we spoke with Paula Carreño, Talent Acquisition Executive and we shared some tips that will undoubtedly make a difference in how the people in charge of attracting talent perceive you:

1. Have your information as up-to-date as possible:

The resume is your initial cover letter and you should pay close attention to it as it is the first filter for people in charge of the talent search. We recommend adding:

  • Work experience: Indicate the companies for which you have worked, in which projects you collaborated, the main technology associated with them, and your greatest achievements.

  • Technical skills: Specify the programming languages, tools, and operating systems that you use. Highlight the tool that you master the most and with which you have recently worked.

  • Soft skills: More and more companies are looking for talent with social skills that add value to the business. Interpersonal communication, corporate commitment, or the ability to work in a team are key when selecting.

  • Focus on your achievements: Highlight achieved goals instead of completed tasks. It is advisable to have data to support you.

The more precise you are in explaining your strengths and the technologies you use, your profile is more likely to stand out from the rest.

2. Ask you too!

During the first interview, which will be with the selection team, we advise you to ask all the pertinent questions about the progress of the process, both in contractual aspects and the project you would join, so you can verify your affinity to it.

3. Explore yourself in interviews.

Although your written profile is the way to make a good first impression, we know that by its nature it does not include all your expertise in detail. This is why the first contact with the talent attraction team is your opportunity to delve into what you want to highlight.

When asked about a specific aspect of your work experience, do not limit yourself only to answering the question, take the opportunity to mention how you used the tool, detail your expertise and mention how you have handled your work context from your knowledge.

3. Prepare for the technical evaluation

If you identify any aspect to improve on the validated skills, reinforce it before your technical interview. Sometimes you may know a tool that is required at this stage that you have not used in your work for some time, so you must update it for the next interview.

The more precise you are in explaining your strengths and the technologies you use, your profile is more likely to stand out from the rest.

4. Take care of your connection

Before starting, check the quality of your audio and video to ensure effective communication. Out of respect for the process, try to be punctual and, as far as possible, schedule your space so as not to have interruptions that affect your readiness for the process.

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