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We have a new image!: the maker essence at its best

After more than 12 years, in June we said goodbye to the iconic red and black logo that to date represented us as makers, to adopt a new renewed corporate image that transmits the character of Imagemaker.

This new air responds to the need to adapt to the times and reflect the changes that the company has had since 2017 when Lionel Olavarría took over as CEO.


Currently, Imagemaker is a totally different company from the one that was born in the 2000s as a digital marketing start-up. Through the years, it has been strengthening and consolidating itself as a leader in the technology consulting market and, of course, its corporate image has also evolved with it.

The last change of the brand was made in 2009, at the hands of the creative area of ​​Imagemaker headed by Patricio Kunz, the person in charge of devising the logo that accompanied us for more than a decade, this former maker tells us:

“Lionel asked us for this task. After many failed validations, I based myself on the idea that 'everything that is done in Imagemaker is done on the internet and I drew what characterized the internet at that time: www. The funny thing is that at that moment my computer screen had a fault in one pixel and cut the tip of the first W and there I could see that the I and the M of Imagemaker were hidden inside the www. At that moment I knew we had the logo. Lionel came reluctantly to the next meeting. We had no introduction to him, I just took a board and a marker to explain the concept and he loved it. " he pointed.

Finally, Patricio Kunz tells us: “It was difficult for me to leave Imagemaker because I liked seeing that logo, I felt proud, I felt part of it. I am very happy to have been part of its creation ".

The reasons for the change

To understand the reason for the change, it is necessary to go back to 2017, when Lionel took over by accident as CEO of Imagemaker, a decision that marked the direction of the company.

With Lionel at the helm, one of the first decisions was to adopt an agile methodology that over time became a transversal work mindset in the company that allowed, along with other variants, to create a powerful corporate culture in which the concept arises from “makers” to refer to employees, who are the center of a virtuous circle that bases success on their happiness.

With the employees happy and committed to the company, the positive results did not take long to arrive, consolidating the company as a benchmark in the field, giving way to growth and robustness. Thus, in a record period of two years, Imagemaker is present in 4 countries with a family of more than 350 makers.

In this regard, Lionel Olavarría commented: “After experiencing this consolidation as a company, it is necessary to update our look with the need to visually reflect the brand. This new identity, which takes into account the times we are in, the makers, and our history, transmits what Imagemaker truly is. "

Visual elements: Makers as protagonists of visual identity


We say goodbye to the WWW logo: we transform the cold and geometric isotype of the "im" in order to include the I more prominently, representing the belonging that the makers feel in the organization.

We break the rules

In addition, as we like to do things differently, we wanted to break the rules, adding an apostrophe to our acronym located at the end, this with the intention of communicating our name but at the same time reflecting the sense of belonging that the makers have to the company and our values ​​of passion, nobility and improvement.

Colors for everyone:

There is a great diversity of makers, from their nationalities through personalities and even their talents. The new image was devised with the intention of representing each one of them with a broader color palette, combining warm colors contrasted with cold and high vibration. This color palette includes youthful tones, harmonic and complementary combinations, which allow us to develop unique mixtures between the elements, as is the diversity present in ImagemakerA.

We show the makers:

With this same focus, we want to give life to our graphics with photos of makers that combined with graphic elements such as the asterisk, the line, the period, and the apostrophe, thus highlighting the key messages that we want to share.

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