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We keep growing!: Imagemaker opens the Strategy & Planning area

The company is growing at a fast pace in the markets and we are also doing it in our internal structure, therefore, in order to sustain the success that has characterized us, the Strategy & Planning area was created, which is already working with its machine at full throttle. to give.

Its objective will be to support the definition of corporate objectives and promote their achievement in accordance with a specific strategy, based on a methodological framework adjusted to the reality of Imagemaker that allows ordering the initiatives that are being developed at the company level, in a collaborative and unified.

The area, led by Andrea Reyes accompanied by Belén Reyes, has already begun to evaluate processes and structure a path for planning for 2023 in a collaborative manner with the different managements, however, it will also have the challenge of implementing the changes clearly and gradually, so that it is deep and permeates all collaborators who must be able to transmit it and see how each of the Makers is important for the objectives regardless of the role we play within the company.

In this regard, Andrea Reyes commented: “From this new management we want to contribute to the growth of Imagemaker by making the objectives transparent and visible so that we effectively see how we all row towards the same side. The spirit is that everyone is positively impacted and is part of this growth. For this, it is important to align ourselves, focus and build a methodological framework.”

The creation of this area is a concrete example of how Imagemaker takes firm steps in terms of conquering international markets in an organic, responsible, and impressive way, always keeping Maker at the center of its strategy.

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